After its debut in 2011, JERIN (Jerman dan Indonesia) has managed to become synonymous for German-Indonesian activities in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education and science and social affairs. Initially kicked-off as a series of events, it has now been relaunched as an informative and interactive online platform. It acts as a single window for German activities with various information, news and events on the numerous German institutions of all kinds in Indonesia.

This platform mainly reaches out to preliminary students and young professionals but anyone interested in German activities in Indonesia may count on this platform for their source of information. Aside from various general information on German institutions, there is “InterJERIN”, which is a handy resource for students intending to study in Germany. The initiative “Study In” offers valuable information on how to pick up studies in Gemany. Meanwhile, young professionals can access the employment opportunities via the “Make it in Germany” initiative. All in all, the website is a unique tool for all parties interested in German activities in Indonesia to further intensify the long lasting relations between our two countries, and to further strengthen our ties building on a long tradition.


Vision and Mission
JERIN Initiators