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Since 2003 the Studienkolleg Indonesia has been preparing Indonesian school graduates for studying in Germany. Sponsored by the Yayasan Indonesia-Jerman, it cooperates with numerous Indonesian and German educational institutions. The direct partner in Germany is the Niedersächsische Studienkolleg of the Leibniz Universität Hannover.

The Studienkolleg Indonesia is worldwide the only Studienkolleg outside of Germany to prepare prospective students and university applicants in their own country for studying in Germany, thereby seeking to facilitate access to German Universities for Indonesian students.

Like any other Studienkolleg in Germany, the Studienkolleg in Indonesia has essentially three tasks: firstly, teaching the necessary language skills for studying in Germany, secondly, it attaches particular importance to a subject-related technical language knowledge (“Fachsprache”), and it expands and deepens the knowledge of the relevant school subjects (such as mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.), which are indispensable for studying engineering, natural sciences or economics in Germany. At the end of an approximately 10-month preparation programme, Indonesian applicants can take the final Assessment Examination directly at Studienkolleg Indonesia in Jakarta. This so called “Feststellungsprüfung” is a state examination, which makes applicants eligible for admission to all German Universities (either Universities or Universities for Applied Sciences / “Fachhochschulen”).

Thus, Studienkolleg Indonesia offers its graduates the best starting conditions for a successful study in Germany!















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Qualifying for German Universities

Studienkolleg Indonesia offers 3 different kind of courses: The T-course prepares students for studying engineering and other technical subjects, the M-course for medical-biological study programmes and the W-course for social and economic sciences.

As in Germany, these courses are designed for 2 semesters, but in Indonesia the programme is more condensed (there are, for example, only short semester breaks) to save time. Another advantage is that after the successful completion students can go to Germany with the certainty, that they will be admitted directly to one of the Universities there. Besides, graduates from Indonesian high schools, which belong to the global network “Schools: Partner for the Future (=PASCH)” launched by Germany’s Federal Office and coordinated by, among others, the Goethe-Institut, can apply for a scholarship if they attend the preparatory courses of Studienkolleg Indonesia. Futhermore, Studienkolleg Indonesia has the opportunity to nominate some ot its graduates for the DAAD scholarship programme “Auslands- und Partnerschulen”. Although the candidates have to face a worldwide competition, Studienkolleg Indonesia’s most outstanding graduates have often been awarded a DAAD scholarship for pursuing a Bachelor’s or even Master’s Degree in Germany.

Tests and Exams

In addition to the Assessment Examination (“Feststellungsprüfung”), one can also take other examinations at Studienkolleg Indonesia, which qualify for studying in Germany.

For Indonesian school graduates, passing the Assessment Examination is the safest way to study in Germany. The certificate of the Assessment Exam is recognized by all German Universities. But other applicants who have, for example, already obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Indonesia, must only prove sufficient German language skills and can take a mere language test instead, the TestDaF (“Test of German as a foreign language”), an examination centrally developed and rated by the TestDaF Institute in Germany. As a licensed Test Centre for TestDaF, Studienkolleg Indonesia is not only allowed to carry out the TestDaF, but also the so-called “Test for Academic Studies (TestAS)”, an aptitude test for foreign applicants that can provide an additional selection criterion for German Universities.


Consulting Service and Support

Sponsor and operator of Studienkolleg Indonesia is the Indonesian-German Foundation / Yayasan Indonesia-Jerman, on whose initiative the Studienkolleg in Indonesia was founded.

The Yayasan Indonesia-Jerman is also active in other fields and offers a number of programmes that support the work of the Studienkolleg: In addition to language courses, Yayasan Indonesia-Jerman’s staff is available for consultation and all (also practical) questions related to live and study in Germany. Finally, the Yayasan also offers special courses that prepare for the Entrance Examinations for Studienkolleg Indonesia and other Studienkollegs in Germany, including the Entrance Examination of the Studienkolleg in Kiel, which is conducted in Jakarta by Studienkolleg Indonesia as well.