FC Bayern München Fan Club Indonesia

FC Bayern Fan Indonesia (FCBFI) is the only fan club in Indonesia endorsed by players, officials and crewmembers of FC Bayern München. Launched on May 20, 2008, in Jakarta, the momentous event also saw the football club organizing a Coaching Clinic, a Gala Dinner, and a friendy match to mark the farewell of legendary Goalkeeper “King” Oliver Khan. The match between Bayern Munchen and the Indonesian antional team ended with a 5-1 victory for Van Bommel and friends. The match was sponsored by Allianz.

FCBFI is an official part of FC Bayern Fan Club International, as is noted at the official fans club homepage at http:www.fcbayern.de/. On the legendary goalkeepers of Bayern Munchen, as well as the German national squad, and the current President of FC Bayern Fans Club Intertnational, Raimond Aumann, is in constant contact with FCBFI. This harmonious relationship between the club management, FC Bayern Fans Club International and FCBFI is visible through a series of information-sharing events with players such as Arjen Roben via social media. FCBFI have also conducted video calls conferences with players such as Julian Green and Boateng and a visitation trip from a representative of FCBFI to the office of Raimonn Aumann in München, Germany.


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Nearly 1,000 official members of FCBFI has been directly integrated into the FC Bayern online system in Germany. This further marks the harmonious relationship between the central fan club and its Indonesian counterpart.

This membership system is open for application twice a year. Membership numbers continues to increase year after year despite the occasional trophy drought. This means that the spirit and the love of Bayern München fans in Indonesia remains high even though matches are not always available in public or paid TV. FCBFI active community is another reason why FC Bayern in Germany continues to monitor and communicate with us.






FCBFI now has 28 official regional branches across the country, from Aceh to Papua. There are a number of branches in other cities that have started to conduct activities and creative events.

FCBFI however will be looking at the official 28 branches before making a decision to establish and add these other regional branches. The development of FCBFI is also recorded by the European Football Fanclub Assocation (EFFA) in Jakarta, which is the base of all official European football club fans club in Indonesia. It is also a platform for all inter-fan club activities across the archipelago.


Programs and Agenda

All regional branches of FCBFI has a similar agendas and programs. These include Futsal, football, and nobar (communal screening) of Bundesliga, Euro cup and World Cup matches, as members understandably support the German national team as well.

There are also humanity and social activities, and joint activities with other communities in the form of exhibitions, competition and tournaments, as well as entertainment and culture. This is also done with the support of Goethe Institut through events such as the German Film Festival, JERIN and Jerman Fest, among others. FCBFI holds regular national gathering  the annual main event  as many European Football Club fans clubs in the archipelago do. Thus far, we have had four national gathering, which were respectively held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, and in Bali for the year 2016. The next gathering will be held in Surabaya in 2017.


Management and Social Media

FCBFI utilizes an extendable management system that is rotated once every two years as per the agreement in the association and internal bylaws (AD/ART) between the members and the council.

Currently, the chairman of FCBFI is Kukuh Rahadi (previously Iwan Sagi N) and he is complemented by the chair people of the regional branches.The development of social media has also done much to continue on the existence of FCBFI as well as a method to spread information regarding the fans club and the football club it supports. News on FCBFI activities are often covered in our media partners outlets. FCBFI representatives are also often invited to commentate on Bundesliga, Euro Cup and World Cup matches in national TV or paid TV, as well radio stations across the nation.