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The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is the oldest political foundation in Germany. The foundation’s namesake is the first democratically elected president of Germany. Friedrich Ebert’s social background was that of a humble craftsman from the working class which did not bare him from obtaining the highest political office in his country. Ebert envisioned a society that is based on the principles of freedom, social justice and solidarity so that everyone, irrespective of social class, ethnicity, gender, religion etc. can participate in all aspects of social, cultural and political live.

It is that spirit which forms the guideline of FES international activities including that of the Indonesia branch.

In the past 30 years Indonesia has experienced a period of rapid economic growth and the establishment of a functioning democratic system. The objective of FES in Indonesia is to contribute to the efforts of the Indonesian government, the expert community and civil society to make development more sustainable; to assure that the approaching prosperity is shared equally in the spirit of social justice and solidarity to improve the livelihood and welfare of all citizens; and to promote Indonesia as a reference for democratization, socio-economic and peaceful development to other countries in the region and internationally.

Together with the coordinating ministry of human development and culture (Kemenko PMK) FES is organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and capacity building activities for and with its partners in civil society, academia and state institutions. Furthermore FES is contributing and supporting strategies and studies on the core issues of Social Security, Social City Transformation, Sustainable Economic Development and international cooperation.

FES is especially committed to engage with the millennial generation as they will shape Indonesia future. In this spirit FES is conducting a variety of activities especially catered to the young generation all over Indonesia to support an inclusive, tolerant and democratic national character building.


“90 years of FES”:



“The Social Quarter: Policies for Participation, Cohesion and Quality of Life”


“Adequate contribution rates for sustainable pension funding : lessons from the German debate and actual practice”


“Digital Labour Markets in the Platform Economy”


“Digitalisation and Low-skilled Work”

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Freedom, Justice and Solidarity are the guiding principles of our engagement in Indonesia and beyond.

Our program is defined in coordination with our partner ministry Kemenko PMK. (Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture), The four core issues we are focusing on are Social Security, Sustainable Economic Development, Social City Transformation and International Cooperation. These issues are especially relevant to tackle the pressing problems that come about with increasing income inequality, climate change, rapid urbanization and the transformation of global order.



Our engagement in Indonesia is realized in many different ways and takes shape in many different forms.

Together with our implementing partners FES is conducting conferences, seminars, workshops, focus group and panel discussions, lectures and role-plays and by these means brings people together from diverse backgrounds, affiliations and positions. We foster exchange with experts from academia, publish and initiate studies concerning our core issues and enhance international dialogue between German, Indonesian and international experts, politicians and social activists. These activities take place in Jakarta and beyond. Especially our youth programs are conducted nation-wide.  



Cooperation with committed partners and a wide network of experts is the foundation of our engagement.

The main partner of FES Indonesia is Kemenko PMK and the ministries under its coordination. In order to reach out to policy makers and politicians in our activities FES is committed to uphold friendly relationships with government and state institutions. In order to implement our activities and upholding expertise and knowledge on core issues the team of FES Indonesia established and maintains a far reaching and ever growing network of committed individuals and Civil Society Organization with whom we maintain close ties and share long lasting experience of cooperation.