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The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) is a German foundation, committed to the promotion of the values of humanism and democracy. HSF has more than fifty years of experience in civic education in Germany, and it has established international project offices all over the world.

The HSF office in Indonesia was established in 1993. Since then projects and programs have been jointly implemented with domestic and international partners. The main pillars of HSF work are the justice and democracy sectors, in which HSF focuses on training and capacity-building, exchange programmes, political dialogue, and public awareness raising. The promotion of democracy and the rule of law is pursued in co-operation with local partners, amongst them notably the Constitutional Court of the Republic Indonesia, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Indonesian National Police, the Habibie Center, and the Nahdlatul Ulama.



Multi-Sectoral Human Rights Training Handbook


Community-based Dialogues Sessions on Human Rights Promotion and Protection and Protection: A Process Documentation


Sustainable Development Goals and Indicators for a Small Planet – Part I – Methodology and Goal Framework 


Sustainable Development Goals and Indicators for a Small Planet – Part II – Measuring Sustainability


Who Will Pay for the Sustainable Development Goals – Addressing Development Challenges in ASEM Countries

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Development cooperation

The Hanns Seidel Foundation, founded in 1967, is a German political foundation, close to the Christian Social Union (CSU), providing political education in the Service of Democracy, Peace and Development in Germany and abroad.

It has been named after the former Minister President of Bavaria and Party Chairman of the CSU, Dr. Hanns Seidel. Its specialist departments operate in the fields of political consulting and education as well as scholarship programmes. In the sector of development cooperation, the HSF currently takes an active part in approximately 100 projects in around 60 countries worldwide.


South and East Asia

 Our focus is to promote regional integration and federalism, intercultural and -religious dialogue, rule of law, ecological sustainability and environmental awareness, sustainable economic, as well as social policies.

Despite their heterogeneity, the countries of South- and Southeast Asia are increasingly shaped by regional integration. Concerted yet individualized approaches of project cooperation therefore need to complement each other. Due to this reason the work of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in South- and Southeast Asia is structured in a regional approach. This approach simultaneously addresses the actualities particular to a country and is acknowledging the specific developments in the region, amongst others the increasing globalization and integration of policy fields especially in Southeast Asia. Synergies result through this organisation in transnational project work and cooperation possibilities between the respective project offices.