Die Brücke – Yayasan Sosial Jembatan

Yayasan Sosial Jembatan Jerman
PT Sumi Asih, ANZ Tower Fl. 17
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 33A
Jakarta Pusat 10220

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Die Bruecke is a registered foundation in Indonesia that has been promoting cultural exchange and understanding since 1979. Die Bruecke brings together German-speaking people of all nationalities, living in Indonesia.

Anyone can join! Die Bruecke patrons are also available when newcomers to Jakarta face challenges. We organize events and activities to make settling easier and try to enable friendships between members. Our monthly Coffee-Morning is a good opportunity to mingle with other German-speaking people. What is more, everyone can make a contribution based on interest and ability during their stay in Indonesia. Most members find this experience enriching. Furthermore, Die Bruecke strongly supports social engagement with the community. We support Indonesian projects, especially those linked to education and health. We help sick and disadvantaged children and adults.

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New in Jakarta?

Are you a german-speaking newcomer to Jakarta? Contact us we are happy to help you settling in easier.

Die Bruecke offers plenty of opportunities to become part of a community, make friends and enjoy your time in Indonesia. Our activities range from monthly gatherings and interesting talks to trips within and outside of Jakarta and the possibility to join a team such as the culture team, the creative or the editor team and many more. Die Bruecke is also the organizer and host of the traditional Christkindl-Markt in Jakarta with artwork and German delicacies. Find out more about our activities on our website.


BRIDGE - Morning

Every 2nd Thursday of the month the BRIDGE morning (BRUECKE-Morgen) takes place in Jakarta. This is a cozy gathering of our sponsors and guests, with a varied breakfast buffet with coffee, tea and fruit juices.

The editorial team distributed the monthly BRIDGE newspaper and it offers the opportunity in the box of books to buy German second-hand books and magazines. Our trend-creative team often offers their own handcrafts and crafts. Especially at the Easter and Christmas time you will find beautiful decorations and gifts at the booth.

With all the hustle and bustle you have the opportunity to meet friends and guests in a friendly way. From 10.00 am it becomes somewhat more official. After greeting and presenting the monthly events and other important dates, a guest is often invited to give a talk about interesting and interesting things about and in Jakarta or Indonesia. These contributions are generally of great interest.

We often invite Indonesian traders and artists to show their assortment of jewelery, batiks, cloths, dresses and much more and sell them at a reasonable price.


Social projects and social team

We are currently managing over 10 social projects and individual cases, mainly in and around Jakarta. We regularly visit the projects and inform ourselves about the current development and the use of our donations. We mainly support institutions established by Indonesians in their own initiative.

What do you expect in the Social Team?

  • Get to know Indonesia from a different angle!
  • Monthly meeting with like-minded people – we all want to actively contribute a social contribution for the people here
  • The deployment is flexible in time, depending on the project
  • Voluntary commitment with remuneration in the form of inexpensive heart warmth and joy



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Social Projects in Jakarta

Die Bruecke strongly supports social engagement with the community. Would you like to learn more about our social commitment?

Die Bruecke supports Indonesian projects, especially those linked to education and health. We help sick and disadvantaged children and adults, e.g. through cash donations and donations in kind, scholarships and payment of teaching staff. These donations come from individuals, companies, and the activities organized by Die Bruecke like the yearly held traditional Christkindl-Markt and monthly Garage-Sales. The community-outreach team coordinates these projects and ensures that the funds are used precisely as designated. Learn more about our commitment on our website.


The BRIDGE Cookbook

The idea to write a German-Indonesian cookbook was created more than 20 years ago by a former BRUECKE member. In order not to strain the local cooks too much, the emphasis was placed on choosing good civic recipes and making sure that the ingredients were available. More than 20 years ago, the goods offer was not as exuberant as today.

The book has been revised several times over the years, the last time in 2008. The BRIDGE-cookbook is divided into the following recipe categories:

  • Soups
  • Grill
  • Fish
  • Side dishes and vegetables
  • Salads
  • Light and fast dishes
  • Sauces
  • Desserts / Dessert
  • Cake recipes
  • Self-sufficiency; Eg bread, cottage cheese, plum, etc.

The recipe collection was supplemented with a German-Indonesian dictionary. Various translations, from A such as pineapple to Z like onion, can be found in our kitchen. A must for every household!

The German-Indonesian cookbook is available at the cash desk at every BRIDGE morning, at the price of 100,000 IDR. The proceeds of the BR√úCKE cookbook are exclusively for our social projects.


Christmas market

The BRIDGE Christmas market is one of the most coveted events of the German-speaking community in Jakarta.

It offered specialties from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, such as meat loaf, roast, red cabbage, sauerkraut, sausages and mulled wine and pretzels. In addition to coffee, the cafe offers the visitors the cakes and Christmas treats, such as biscuits, gingerbread, advent calendars, stolen and much more. Many treats were baked or imported specially for this day.

The trend-creative team is designed for the Christmas needs and offers everything from decorative candle holders, unique Christmas decorations to Advent wreaths. Other vendors also keep their goods available, thus enabling a broad range of products.

The BRIEDGE Christmas market in 2017 will be held on Saturday 02 December  at the Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta