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Our aid projects help disadvantaged children living in poverty in a region plagued by natural disasters.

With the donations we support the education and health of the children. We volunteer for a better future for the children of the island of Java in the Banyumas region.


With the sales proceeds of our first book, we can finance further children’s aid projects

Title: Indonesien – Abenteuer Kinderhilfe
Author: Mike Alsdorf

In the year 2000, a young man from Brandenburg traveled to Indonesia for the wedding of his longtime pen pal. That would not be out of the ordinary if Mike Alsdorf had not come back with the firm will to help the children of this country. He founds the children’s aid association “Kinderhilfe Indonesia e.V.” Well, many trips later, he describes his personal experiences in this book. The mix of travelogues with touching, bizarre, funny and sad events, but also serious reflections on political and social grievances, gives an entertaining read to smile and reflect. A book for fans of Indonesia, friends of foreign cultures, travel enthusiasts, adventurers, other clubs and just for anyone who wants to read how much can be achieved with simple means and a lot of heart.

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