PAJ – German Alumni Association

Jl. Cilandak Permai Raya No 39
Jakarta Selatan 12430 - Indonesia
☏  (+62) 021.2276.5241

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PPI as one of the overseas student organizations which recognized and fully supported by the Indonesian government.

Whether we want it or not, it has been one of the elements integrative in nation’s history. Given this background, therefore the analytical discussion of “das Gewesen, das Sein and das Sollen” from this organization not easy as it seems.


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In 2020, PAJ wil have:
  • Alumni Database all over Indonesia
  • Website
  • Media Center
  • Media Print Alumni Germany
  • Representative Office
  • Alumni meeting forum
  • Minimum 10 Branch / Head of Branch PAJ in Indonesia
  • Holding Leadership and Mentoring Program to Head of Branch of PAJ in Indonesia



Vision & Mission


Making the German Alumni Association (PAJ) as a forum to deliver the aspirations of its members and to give contribution and added value to fellow Alumni, surrounding environment, nation and state


  • Unite, strengthen and realize the brotherhood among Alumni
  • Creating a place of Alumni aspirations
  • Synergize the potential of Alumni
  • Create a business climate among Alumni
  • Improving good relationships with German Government Agencies in Indonesia and Government Agencies in Germany as well as Private Institutions of both countries
  • Facilitate and provide support for both graduated and non-graduated Indonesian students to work or undertake a practicum / internship program