Wisma Jerman Surabaya

Taman AIS Nasution 15
Surabaya 60 271, Indonesia
☏  +62 31 534 37 35 ext. 107

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A Cooperation between Goethe Institut and the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Wisma Jerman, the German House, is located in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city situated on the east coast of Java. Founded in 2011 as an Indonesian foundation, Wisma Jerman is a worldwide unique cooperation between the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK/EKONID) and the Goethe-Institut Indonesia, supported by the German Embassy. The Wisma Jerman therefore represents the interests of Germany in the region of East Java with its three pillars Economy, Education (language) and Culture. The goal of Wisma Jerman is to inform about the society, economy and culture of Germany, build bridges in terms of language and culture and bring Indonesians and Germans into conversation with each other.

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Language Courses and Examinations

On behalf of the Goethe-Institut Indonesia, the Language department offers German language classes and conducts the official examinations of the Goethe-Institut

 As an agent for German language and culture, Wisma Jerman is serving as partner and contact point for German language teachers and learners from schools and universities as well as for German alumni and everybody else who is interested in Germany and its language in the region of East Java.


Events for local and international business people

On behalf of the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK/EKONID), Wisma Jerman builds up a network of political and economic contacts and conducts events to promote trade and investment within the region.

Starting actively in 2012, networking activities like business gatherings which look back on a long tradition in Jakarta have been organized on a constant basis, as well as the annual German EKONID Oktoberfest at the Sheraton Hotel in Surabaya.


Cultural Events

Wisma Jerman is the local partner in Surabaya and East Java for events organized by its German partner institutions, especially the Goethe-Institut.

The range of cultural events organized by Wisma Jerman is broad. As the regional partner of the GoetheInstitut, Wisma Jerman is conducting concerts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars to broaden the knowledge about the German culture and to deepen the cultural cooperation and friendship between Germany and East Java. Within the frame of these events it is important that local stakeholders have the opportunity to come together and exchange their ideas with German artists. Apart from that, Wisma Jerman is also conducting its own events like open houses, workshops or exhibitions.



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EKONID Oktoberfest

Since 2012, the EKONID Oktoberfest has been conducted in Surabaya and attracted more and more people every year.

Starting in 2012, the first EKONID Oktoberfest was conducted at Sheraton Surabaya. The aim of this event is to create an original German Oktoberfest atmosphere with life music from Germany, original German food and beer. Meanwhile, the EKONID Oktoberfest has become the largest event in Surabaya for expatriates and locals to gather and have fun together.  


Open House

The annually conducted Wisma Jerman Open House was created for everybody being interested in German language classes, German food and culture.

 Everybody who is still hesitating to book a German language course can try it out in one of the free of charge taster courses on the Wisma Jerman Open House. Fun and information is the main goal of the Wisma Jerman Open House: A colorful stage program with cultural performances, games and quizzes invites the guests to participate and learn about Germany; visitors may get information about studying in Germany; the Wisma Jerman library opens its doors and German blockbusters can be watched in the Open House Cinema.


Living and Working in Germany

Experts from Germany and Indonesia answer all questions on working and living in Germany.

This event is financed by AMIF, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union. Visitors are informed by local and international experts from Germany about working in Germany: all questions regarding visa requirements, German working ethics, wanted professions and many other interesting topics will be answered.