Education and Science

The cooperation in higher education is another key element of the German-Indonesian bilateral relations. Over the past 60 years, as many as 30,000 Indonesians have studied in Germany.

Between numerous Indonesian and German universities exist close cooperation in science and education. The Federal Republic of Germany has an active interest in attracting qualified students to study in Germany. Despite strong competition from universities from English-speaking countries, remarkable progress has been achieved. More than 3600 Indonesians are currently studying in Germany, which is a more than 40% increase in the last 4 years, making Germany No-1 on the European and No. 5 of the worldwide ranking of Indonesian students. The German Embassy Jakarta and the DAAD will continue their efforts in promoting Germany as a top destination for Indonesian students and scientists. The DAAD Jakarta Office opened in 1990, documenting the long tradition of Indonesian-German ties in higher education. Other institutions that enhance German-Indonesian cooperation in the field of education and science are the German school in Jakarta, the Goethe-Institut Jakarta, and the numerous Pasch-schools.