Indonesia and Germany share many fields of cooperation. However, there is nothing as life changing as getting to know another country first hand. Germany offers many opportunities for those interested to travel into the country whether as a student, as graduate researchers, as young professionals or simply as tourists. The German Embassy Jakarta as well as the Goethe-Institut and the DAAD actively support and provide opportunities for those planning to study or work in Germany.

Initiatives such as “” and “” initiated by the German government and partner organizations offer numerous tools for interested individuals who are trying to find their path in Germany. These websites offer online tools such as “Compass for Higher Education”, which provides in-depth information about study programs across Germany. Furthermore, “Make it in Germany” keeps young professionals aware about new job openings in Germany while supplying information about the differences between the two nations‚Äô business culture. Germany has also a lot to offer as a travel destination with its abundance of nature expanding from the North-Sea to the Alps. Its rich history is displayed in every corner of the country, from impressive castles to ruins. In addition, a huge number of museums and theatres as well as opera houses offer entertainment for every taste.


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